Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard Trimmer Review

The Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard trimmer is a low cost alternative to other feature-rich, expensive, models. For under fifteen bucks from most retailers, the Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard trimmer provides optimal balance between functionality, features and cost, to deliver itself as one of the best trimmers on the market.

 Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Fundamentals

For the price, the Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman offers the convenience of a wireless shave and the practicality of charging during a shave. It comes with a travel pouch that keeps all the attachments in one spot, and has six length settings to choose from. Unlike other beard trimmer sets, this one even comes with a cradle to charge the unit, and doubles up as a station with room to store all the attachments that come in the box.

The Wahl’s blades are made from high-carbon steel, which increases its durability and is the reason  the blades stay sharp. Unfortunately the Wahl needs periodic lubrication to keep the blades sharp and running smoothly however this is not too much of an issue as it comes with a tube of Wahl Lubricating Oil in the box. On a more technical side, the jagged grooves that form the cutting edge of the blade are machined to shape instead of being moulded. This gives it added strength, and longer life.

From the get go, I didn’t expect to find much in the way of features for the budget. The Wahl beat those expectations by providing many of the nice-to-have features as well as the need-to-have basics. My priority was that it needed to be cordless and it needed to charge fairly rapidly. The Wahl Groomsman did that without fail. A quick ten minute charge was all it needed to get me through my morning trim. For times when I couldn’t even spare that much, the Wahl allowed me to trim while it remained plugged in.

Having a shaver that is ergonomically designed, is more than just a luxury, it is a necessity. The shape of the unit and the angle of the head, makes it easy to trim your beard with gentle precision. The hold of the Wahl fits within the natural grip of a man’s palm with a size that makes it feel robust, but a weight that is light enough to maintain maneuverability. I also like the tactile detail of the trimmer’s shell.There is a brushed steel frame enveloped in rubber for grip in all the right places.

The beard guard, or guide, always comes down to personal preference. Some people like the sliding guard that adjusts to various lengths, others like single, detachable guards that clip on and off. Well,theWahl 9918-6171 Groomsman has both. The genius of that design is that it accommodates occasions where you need to adjust the length in some spots, but gives you a uniform cut with the fixed guard, at other times. I don’t think I’ve seen this feature anywhere else, and it makes absolute sense after you take a minute to think about it. The little details the designers thought off are impressive. From the contoured back to fit the palm, to the wavy contours in front to nestle the fingers. The entire set up just works.

The Down Side

There are a couple of downsides to an otherwise decent product. The first is that the charger only plugs into a 110V outlet. So traveling to countries that use 240v is out of the question, unless you’re only gone for a few days. In which case, just make sure you charge the battery before you go.

The voltage is not an insurmountable issue, the biggest issue with this beard trimmer is that I am not able to wash the blades under running water. It’s a habit of mine to use running water to flush the hair out of the guards and blades after each trim. Unfortunately this is not possible with the Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard trimmer due to it not having sufficient shielding to protect the electric internals.

The third problem with this is that it uses a lubricant to keep the blades sliding effectively. There are two reasons I don’t like that. First is that it can irritate my skin, and second, is that hair sticks to it. This makes cleaning the unit a little problematic and causes a cocktail of shavings and oil to clog up the blade assembly.

Nice to Have

You get a number of things in the box in addition to the trimmer unit, including the adjustable guide, individual guides, one charger, the cradle, a travel case, a cleaning brush and a tube of  lubricating oil. That’s a lot for the price.

Most people are attracted to the Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman because it accomplishes its basic tasks well at a good price. The motor has enough power to slice through even some of the thicker growth. It does a great job of simple trims, goatees, mustaches and beards but is a little behind the curve if you’re trying to do something fancy.

The key thing to note with this trimmer is that its at the bottom of the price range and you should prepare yourself for getting what you pay for. If you do that, the Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard trimmer certainly over delivers. However, if you want to compare it to a top of the line model, priced at over $180 then the Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman is going to come up a little short.

Wahl has been a household brand for a number of years and yet still remains a family-owned business making them very responsive to customer requests and service. The product is made in China, if that makes a difference, but it didn’t bother me much since the quality was still of a very good standard.

The Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000

A thousand dollars seems like a good number for a laptop. Those who are interested in using their laptops for some serious gaming as well as for work would have to go beyond the $300 to $500 price range of entry-level laptops.

At a thousand dollars, there are actually several models which are quite adequate for gaming. They have the requisite RAM, hard disk space, a fast processor, a dedicated graphics processor, a large screen size and ample resolution. In fact, the list of contenders for best gaming laptop under $1000 is rather lengthier than you might suspect.

1. ASUS ROG laptops. Now it may be unfair to put several models into one entry, but it’s still accurate to say that this particular ASUS product line is a real winner in the gaming laptop category. Some of the models are truly high end and cost about $2000, but even those priced under $1000 are pretty decent. ROG stands for Republic of Gamers, and that alone should tell you something. ASUS made these laptops specifically for gaming—and they’re not just laptops which happen to perform well when you use them to play games. All of these models have high-end processors, RAM, graphic cards, display capabilities and even keyboard size and arrangement chosen as the most suitable for gaming with settings as high as possible.

2. Lenovo Ideapads. Another fan and reviewer favorite among laptop gamers are the Lenovo Ideapad models, particularly the Y500. The screen may be barely over the size tolerable for gaming at just 15.6 inches, but everything else is really over the top so you can play even the most demanding games at medium or even high display settings.

It has full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, with an NVidia dual SLI GeForce GT 650M with a fast 2GB GDDR5 video RAM. While the GT 650M is comparatively a midrange graphic card, the fact that dual means there are two graphics cards means that the video performance is better than even high-quality single graphic cards. There’s an Intel Core i7 quad core 3.3 GHz engine with 8 GB DDR3 System RAM, with a terabyte of hard disk space.

3. Acer Aspire V3-771G-9809. This unit has a 17.3 inch screen and that kind of screen size is hard to ignore especially when compared to standard 15-inchers. It carries the 3rd generation Core i7 quad core processor, and with the Turbo Boost technology it can run up to 3.2 GHz. The NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M graphics card has an accompanying 2 gigs of video RAM, and that setup will play just about very game there is today. That’s especially true with the 8Gig of RAM, which is more than sufficient in enabling you to play even resource hungry games without a hitch or a sputter.

A lot of gaming laptops can cost big bucks, but with any of these candidates for the best gaming laptop under $1000, gaming pleasure can be achieved without having to bust your bank account.

Hamilton Beach 67608 Review

Hamilton Beach 67608 HB Big Mouth Juice Extractor is simply one of those extractors that are ideal for producing and yielding fresh fruits and vegetable juices. Fruits and vegetables such as oranges, tomatoes, berries – this juicer will add flavor, color and nutrients to your diet even for regular basis.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor consists of powerful motor and wide tube that allows you to process even whole fruits and vegetables in a snap and enjoy healthy and nutritious, flavorful juices in time. This Hamilton Beach 67608 HB Big Mouth Juice Extractor is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean and to store. It has a huge pulp bin that can be detached easily and it includes a portable juice cup and a cleaning brush for easy cleanup after.

Here are some of your favorite features of Hamilton Beach 67608 HB Big Mouth Juice Extractor: this is a commercialized electronic juicer that possesses a 3-amp motor. It consists of 3, footprint that is crescent in shape that could house any type of container. It has a minimal central gravity, it has sealed power buttons and has easy to clean spout. It is made of cast-aluminum covering with acid-resistant base finish. This juicer has an extra large 3-inched tube that could juice whole vegetables and fruits with a preparation only a fraction of time. This has a fast 800-watt motor. It also has a 20-ounce juicing cup, it as a sturdy stainless steel cutter and strainer. Cleaning brush is also inclusive. This juicer possesses dishwasher safe parts for easy detaching and easy to put up. Also a stainless-steel container is included. It measures 10 ¼ by 18 ½ inches. This product has a 2-year limited warranty as said by ReviewYourJuicer.com.

This Hamilton Beach 67608 HB Big Mouth Juice Extractor is one of the very useful kitchen appliances that could make your work quick and simple. This powerful juicer consists of an 800-watt motor that could produce more juice without the effort of cutting and chopping them compared to other models. It has a much powerful unit. Though this machine is noisy with same noise level as a vacuum cleaner, but this noise will never be an issue. The juice and pulp output is good same as a 500-dollar priced juicer, but then again this powerful machine is only 60 dollars. Cleaning is very easy, and the cleaning brush for its spinning strainer is also inclusive. It is also recommended that you clean the spinning strainer once you are done with the juicing.

Overall this powerful juicing is considered as bargain for the price. So this powerful juicer is recommended to those who are regular fruit juice drinker. Not just this juicer is very easy to maintain, but this is also beneficial to those who are on a strict diet. This powerful juicer may be incorporated to any type of diet there is. So purchase one now so you could enjoy the healthy benefits of this product.

Teeth Whitening: The Best Way to Remove Stains and Whiten the Teeth

Coffee is a huge part of the mornings of a lot of people. The moment you wake up, you find yourself heading to the coffee maker to get a steaming cup of coffee. It is as if your day will not start right without having a sip or a cup of coffee first. The steaming hot liquid chases away the last dredges of sleep from your body and it is only then that you become fully awake. It can become a habit for some but it cannot be denied that coffee can be very damaging to your teeth. It is unavoidable that if you are a coffee-lover, you will probably have stained and yellow teeth. No need to be distressed though because cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles has a treatment that can help you. This treatment is called teeth whitening and it involves the removal of dirt and plaque from the teeth to remove the stains. It may also involve the application of whitening products that contain bleach to whiten the teeth.

Teeth’s whitening in Los Angeles is not usually done in a single visit to a cosmetic dentist. It may take a few visits before you get the desired results, especially if you have heavily stained teeth. The first thing to do is to visit a cosmetic dentist for a consultation. The dentist usually takes a photo of the patient’s teeth for future reference. He may use the photo later on to assess the progress of your teeth whitening. If the dentist sees that you have cavities, he will recommend that these are treated before the teeth whitening treatment is started.

Once all the cavities are filled, if there are any, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of food particles, dirt and bacteria. Once this is done, the dentist will begin the teeth whitening treatment. There are two types of teeth whitening: the non-vital whitening and the vital whitening.

Non-vital teeth whitening is done on patients who have had a root canal in the past. Since the tooth is dead, it cannot be whitened from the surface. It will have to be whitened from the interior of the tooth. The dentist will apply a whitening agent to the interior of the tooth and a temporary filling will be placed over it. It will be left there for a few days until the whitening agent takes effect.

Vital teeth whitening is the most common type of whitening treatment. It is done by applying a whitening gel directly to the surface of the teeth. A laser is then used to speed up the effects of the whitening gel. The whitening gel usually contains hydrogen peroxide as the whitening agent.

Teeth whitening is not a one-time treatment; it needs to be done repeatedly until the discoloration is gone. It also has to be repeated each time your teeth acquires new stains. It is best to practice good oral hygiene and to avoid drinking or eating anything that can stain your teeth.

Los Angeles dentist, Dr. Kezian – your solution to finding high quality medical services, along with caring providers, a friendly staff, and a convenient location. Thank You for your interest in our Los Angeles dentist office. You Can Have an Awesome Smile with cosmetic dentist Los Angeles.